Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gmerlin release on the horizon

New gmerlin prereleases are here:



Changes since the last public release are:
  • Great player simplification. Most changes are internal, but the user should notice much faster seeking. Also the GUI player now updates the video window while the seek-slider is moved.
  • Simplification of the plugin configuration: In many places, where we had an extra dialog for configuring plugins, it was merged with the rest of the configuration.
  • A new recorder application which records audio (with OSS, Pulseaudio, Alsa, Jack and ESound) and video (with V4L1, V4L2 or the new X11 grabber). Output can be written into files or broadcasted.
  • A new encoding frontend (used by the recorder and transcoder), which allows more consistant and unified configuration of encoding setups.
  • The video window of the GUI player has now a gmerlin icon and is grouped together with the other windows.
  • Like always: Tons of fixes, optimizations and smaller cleanups in all packages. Got another 18% speedup when building AVCHD indexes for example.
This will be the last gmerlin release of the 0.3.X series. There are just 2 major features left, which keep me from releasing 1.0.0:
  • Support for compressed A/V frames in the architecture. This should allow lossless transmultiplexing with the transcoder.
  • Support for configuration presets: This will make using gmerlin applications much easier. The presets can be shared among application, i.e. once you found a good encoding preset, you can use it both in the transcoder and the recorder.

Please test it as much as you can and sent problem reports to the gmerlin-general list.

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