Sunday, December 6, 2009

Introducing Gmerlin recorder

Gmerlin-recorder is a small application, which records audio and video from hardware devices. It was written as a more generic application, which should eventually replace camelot. See below for a screenshot:

As sources, we support:
  • Audio devices via OSS, Alsa, Esound, Pulseaudio and Jack
  • Webcams via V4L and V4L2
  • X11 grabbing
For monitoring you see the video image in the recorder window. For the audio you have a vumeter. With recorded streams you can do lots of stuff:
  • Filter the streams using gmerlin A/V filters
  • Write the streams to files using gmerlin encoder plugins
  • Send the encoded stream to an icecast server (will be described in detail in another blog post)
  • Save snapshots to images either manually or automatically
With all these features combined in the right way, you can use gmerlin-recorder for a large number of applications:
  • Make vlogs with your webcam and a microphone
  • Digitize analog music
  • Make a video tutorial for your application
  • Start your broadcasting station
  • Send music from your stereo to your WLAN radio
  • Make stop-motion movies
  • ...
Until the recorder can fully replace camelot, we need the following features, which are not there yet:
  • Fullscreen video display
  • Forwarding of the video stream via vloopback

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