Sunday, November 9, 2008

Release plans

Time to make releases of the packages. The current status is the following:

  • Gmerlin-mozilla is practically ready, some well hidden bugs cause it to crash sometimes though. Also the scripting interface could be further extended.
  • gavl is ready. New features since the last version are timecode support, image transformation and a contributed varispeed capable audio resampler.
  • gmerlin-avdecoder got lots of fixes, support for newer ffmpegs, a demuxer for redcode files and RTP/RTSP support. The latter was most difficult to implement. It still needs some work for better recovering after packet loss in UDP mode. Since all important features are implemented now, gmerlin-avdecoder will get the version 1.0.0.
  • The GUI player can now import directories with the option "watch directory". This will cause the album to be syncronized with the directory each time it is opened. The plan is to further extend this such that even an opened album is regularly synchronized via inotify. Except from this, the gmerlin package is ready.

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