Friday, August 14, 2009

Quick & dirty fix for the latest linux NULL pointer vulnerability

This one is pretty scary. It is the result of several flaws in SELinux, pulseaudio and some obscure network protocols. Proper fixing of this would require work at many places in the code.

Up to now, Ubuntu doesn't have a patched kernel. In the meantime, place the following into the modprobe configuration:
install appletalk /bin/true
install ipx /bin/true
install irda /bin/true
install x25 /bin/true
install pppox /bin/true
install bluetooth /bin/true
install sctp /bin/true
install ax25 /bin/true
Then either unload these modules by hand (if they are loaded) or reboot the machine. One some systems I had to uninstall bluetooth support, which wasn't needed anyway. Naturally these protocols will stop working, but fortunately the exploit will stop working either :)

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